Figuarts Zero Corazon -One Piece- [FG-O-CS10]

Figuarts Zero Corazon -One Piece- [FG-O-CS10]

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“Corazon” is one of the code names that only one of the top executives of the Don Quixote Pirates can name himself. So far, two people have named themselves this code name, but it normally refers to Don Quixote Rocinante, Corazon the Second.


He wears clothes with hearts, his symbol, on them, and he also wears an overcoat whose back is covered with a lot of feathers of a different color from those on Doflamingo’s overcoat. In addition, he wears a makeup like that of a clown.


With this figure, you can reproduce three patterns of impressive Corazon’s image with replaceable face parts and hand parts.


[Set Contents]

  • Main body (with a chair)

  • One kind of replaceable left hand; two kinds of replaceable right hands

  • Two kinds of replaceable face parts

  • A replaceable forelock part (with sunglasses)

  • A flame effect part

[Product Materials]  ABS,PVC

[Target age]  15+

[Product size]  13.5cm

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