S.H.Figuarts Bulma -Dragon Ball- [FG-D-BM10]

S.H.Figuarts Bulma -Dragon Ball- [FG-D-BM10]

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Bulma is a rich and intelligent lady. She is a young and lively girl with a talent for inventing various things, but she is also a girl of action who plays an active role. She is such a tomboy no one can win against her.


She invents the “Dragon Radar(bleeper)” that detects the location of a dragon ball, and she sets out on a journey to find the dragon balls. On her way, she meets Son Goku, and the whole story starts from here. She sees Vegeta’s lonely look and marries him without much reason. She becomes the mother of a boy named “Trunks” and a girl named “Bra.”


Bulma’s position in the story is a heroine. However, since she is a heroine who does not fight, she appears less and less often as battles become more and more violent. All the same, as a scientist, she is heavily involved in the invention or modification of things that decide the fate of the Earth and her friends. She also indirectly supports her friends and family. In this way, she continues to be involved in the story for a long time as a member of Vegeta and Trunks’s family.


With this figure in a wilderness costume style, you can enjoy different ways of posing as you wish by moving its movable parts.


[Set Contents]

  • Main body

  • Three kinds of replaceable left hands; four kinds of replaceable right hands

  • Two kinds of replaceable expression parts

  • 1 of submachine gun

  • 1 of goggles

  • 1 of dragon ball (the five-star ball)

  • 1 of Dragon Radar (bleeper)

[Product Materials]  ABS,PVC

[Target age]  15+

[Product size]  13.5cm

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