Son Goku (Ultra Instinct) -Dragon Ball Super- [FG-D-MG10]

Son Goku (Ultra Instinct) -Dragon Ball Super- [FG-D-MG10]

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Goku Figure entered to Ultra Instinct state in Dragon Ball Super. Enormous appearance with total height of 44cm


The "Ultra Instinct" is a stage even gods cannot enter, Goku realized that midway through the Tournament of Power in Dragon Ball Super.


When he enters this state, his hair get slightly spikier at the back and turns to silver, and irises take on silver-colored too.

And by acting unconsciously, he can automatically attack and react to defend any threat.


Enjoy the powerful feeling of torn Keikogi and refined physical representation making use of shade and shadow, shining silver hair and eyes, and the appearance that awaken new form of power that only this large size can offer.



[Set contents]   Painted finished action figure 1

[Product Materials]  PVC

[Target age]  15+

[Product size]  44cm

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[Made in  China]

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