MINO-WASHI (MINO Japanese Paper) CROSS AKARI (small) [SM-W-CR-SWL10]

MINO-WASHI (MINO Japanese Paper) CROSS AKARI (small) [SM-W-CR-SWL10]

Price: US$257.27(tax excl.)

It is a lamp shade of "Mino Japanese paper cross" which stuck together Mino Japanese paper and polyester by special technique.
Because of the special fabric that left the texture of Japanese paper, it is hard to break, and if it gets dirty it can be washed with water.

※ If you wash parts that are not waterproofed, it will cause trouble, so please wipe (wash) only "Mino Japanese paper cross".

"Mino Japanese paper" is a Japanese paper produced in the Mino region of Gifu Prefecture in Japan and is registered as UNESCO's Intangible Cultural Heritage. Mino Japanese paper is indispensable for Gifu's traditional crafts.

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・Size height:45cm×width8〜20cm
・Made in Japan
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