Sailor Pluto -Sailor Moon Crystal- [FG-S-SP10]

Sailor Pluto -Sailor Moon Crystal- [FG-S-SP10]

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This figure is Sailor Pluto from Sailor Moon Crystal with the “Space-Time Staff”, which is the key that unlocks the “Space-Time Door”.

Sailor Pluto is a Sailor warriar of the outer solar system and is also a girl who be related by Chronos, the God of Time.
She protected the “Space-Time Door” all by herself for centuries in hyperspace.

She was given 3 taboos in order to fulfill her duty.
1. She must not travel through time
2. She must not abandon the Space-Time Door
3. She must not stop time

Towards the end of the second arc in the original story, she dies after committing the third greatest taboo. However, she was reborn as “Setsuna Meiou”, a regular university student in the third arc thanks to the powers of Neo Queen Serenity.

She is one the favorite characters of Naoko Takeuchi, the creator of Sailor Moon.

[Set contents] Main figure, Time-Space Staff, special figure stand
[Product material] ABS, PVC
[Target age] 15+
[Product size] Total height: 230mm
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