Universe 7 Warriors -Dragon Ball Super- [FG-D-US10]

Universe 7 Warriors -Dragon Ball Super- [FG-D-US10]

Price: US$175.00(tax excl.)

The super warriors from Universe 7 are now available from the figure brand, “HG Dragon Ball Series”.
The lineup includes 10 warriors competing in the Tournament of Power.

The Universe Survival arc of Dragon Ball Super is about the battle to prevent the destruction of the universe.
Among the entire 12 universes, Universes 1, 5, 8, and 12 are excluded for having a high humanity level, and the remaining 8 universe compete in a battle royal tournament with 80 warriors taking part.
The universes that lost in battle will be destroyed by Zeno, who is the King of all universes.

This time, figures are made up 10 warriors that Goku and his nine companions of Universe 7.
・Son Goku
・Son Gohan
・Kame Sennin
・Tien Shinhan
・Android 17
・Android 18

[Set contents] 10 colored figures, 10 figure stands
[Product material] Figure: PVC, ABS Stand: ABS
[Target age] 15+
[Product size] About 95mm
[Sales agency] Bandai Co., Ltd.
[Made in China]
[Ships from Japan]
[Free Shipping]
*This item is a set selling of 10 figures. We will not sell it separately.