KAGAMIcrystal Edo-Kiriko Little Beer Glass Set [KK-E-KG-HBP10]

KAGAMIcrystal Edo-Kiriko Little Beer Glass Set <Sasappa ni Tuki> [KK-E-KG-HBP10]

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Edo Kiriko (Edo faceted glass) is a traditional Japanese handicraft developed during the Edo Period (1603 – 1868) which employs carving to create geometrical patterns in the glass.


This product is produced by Kagami Crystal, a renowned manufacturer of crystal glassware famous for creating modern style Edo Kiriko (faceted glass) by blending contemporary structures and motifs with traditional faceted patterns.


This glass set is decorated with Edo Kiriko traditional patterns "Bamboo Leaves" and "Moon" on a brilliant crystal glass.


The ornate cut revives the stylishness of Edo-period to the present age.


This pair glass is perfect present for a celebration and gorgeous souvenir to bring back home.


[Size]: diameter 58mm x height 102mm - 120ml

[Made in Japan]

[Wooden box included]

[Maker]:KAGAMIcrystal Co.,Ltd. Japan

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