Kitchen Knife(Santoku Knife)

All of kitchen knives we deal with are manufactured at Seki city in Gifu prefecture well known for the brand name of “Seki-no Magoroku.”
“Seki-no Magoroku” is a name after a sword craftsman ”Magoroku Kanemoto” who had been active at Sekigou of Mino-mugi county ( at current Seki city in Gifu) in Muromachi era. While the name “Kanemoto” have been succeeded from Muromachi and Edo era to now, the second generation is called as “Magoroku Kanemoto.”

For the explanation of Santoku Kitchen knife, please click here.

To those who purchased KAI-Sekimagoroku-Damascus-Santoku kitchen knife, we will present "Kitchen knife and sharpening handbook" (Japanese-English Bilingual Books), Seibundo Shinkou Co., Ltd. approximately $14.7.

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