Purchasing agent service




This service we will search for and purchase items that you want and send them to you.


This service is for people living overseas outside of Japan, and we only search for items within Japan.


However, please be aware that in some cases it may not be possible to find and purchase the items that you have requested.




〇  Supported items


      Items supported by our purchasing agent service are primarily centered on items such as daily necessities, hobby supplies, general goods, and antiques that fall under the product categories handled on our shopping site.


      In any case, if you would like to have a service, please contact us through e-mail.


        Examples of ordered items

         ・  A replica of Katsushika Hokusai's Ukiyo-e "Kanagawa-oki Namiura"

         ・  Japanese folk craft cabinet

         ・  Photo albums of Japan actress ○○ sold in 19xx

         ・  The latest automatic rice cookers from ○○ manufacturers

         ・  High grade inkstone for calligraphy


     We don't accept purchase requests for the following.

      ・  Real estate such as land and buildings

      ・  Plant facilities and manufacturing equipment

      ・  Mobile equipment such as automobiles and motorcycles

      ・  Large electronic and electrical goods

      ・  Rights such as copyright

      ・  Finance related items such as government bonds and shares

      ・  Any other large or expensive items




〇 Payment method


     Payments for this service are done using a Paypal e-mail. Those without a Paypal account can also make payments.


    The currency for payments is US$.




〇  Detailed steps for using service


     The steps for this service are as follows.




 1  Request for service use


      Please clearly indicate the following on the "E-mail inquiries" screen when requesting to use this service.


      We will confirm item details with you as necessary through e-mail correspondence until we have sufficiently    understood what items you are requesting.


   (1)   Subject field

         Please enter "Request for purchasing agency service".


   (2)  Message field


     ①  When able to clearly specify an item

            Please clearly indicate the following details when able to specify the item you are looking for.

           ・   Item name

           ・  Manufacturer / sales company

           ・  Item size

           ・  Color

           ・  Material

           ・   Desired purchase price

           ・  Desired delivery date


    ②   When unable to clearly specify item

           If you have forgotten details of an item you are searching for, don't know detailed information about the item, or only have a picture of the item, please indicate the following.

          ・ Any information within the scope of your understanding or the picture that you possess.

          ・  Desired purchase price

          ・  Desired delivery date



  2  Item searching


     We will search for the items that you are looking for.


     We will verify the extent of any defects or damage on antiques and second-hand items to the best of our ability.



  3  Item confirmation


     We will send you an e-mail with specifications, an image, and estimated pricing (cost and shipping) for items that we have found. 

     Please verify whether the item is the one you are looking for and contact us through e-mail to let us know whether you will be purchasing it or not.


     If you wish to purchase it’s item, please clearly indicate so in an e-mail.


     If the item we have found is not what you were looking for, we will search again.



  4 Payment


      We will notify you by e-mail about the determined payment price when you want to purchase an item.


     After we have contacted you, you will receive an invoice e-mail from Paypal that notes the payment amount.


     Please make payment through the provided link in the invoice (e-mail) once you have received the invoice (e-mail) for the payment amount from Paypal.


     For apecific processing please follow PayPal's procedures.




  5  Purchasing


      We will purchase an item after we have confirmed your payment.



  6  Item shipping


     We will contact you by e-mail to inform you that we have purchased your item after we have done so and then ship the item to you.


     We will contact you by e-mail to give you an estimated number of days for delivery.


     However, please understand that the number of days may fluctuate due to circumstances of the delivery service.



  7  Receiving items


     Please be aware that any value-added tax, tariffs, and customs fees of your country of residence will be required when receiving your items.




〇  Terms&Conditions


     The usage agreement specific to this service shall be as follows, and any matters not noted within shall be handled in accordance with the Terms&Conditions of our net shop.


  1  Cancellations, returns, exchanges and refund


     We shall be handled in accordance with the Terms&Conditions of our net shop.


     We ask that you please sufficiently verify your item and submit your order for purchase in an email after we have found your item.



  2  When an item isn’t found


      If we haven't found your item(s) by your preferred delivery date, you may either cancel your order or modify the delivery deadline and delay your order.


     When cancelling or delaying your order, we will not be held liable for any issues that occur due to this.



  3  When a found item is sold to another person before purchase


     We make a request to sellers that they refrain from selling an item that we have found to another buyer for the period leading up to when you have contacted us with your decision to purchase your order.


     However, if a seller does not accept this request, there is a chance that the item will be sold to someone else within this period.


     In such cases, we will not be held liable for any issues that occur due to this.



  4  Misc.


     The user shall agree that we will not be held liable in any way for any problems and incidental problems (revenue loss, profit loss, loss of cost savings, disadvantage, loss of privacy, data loss, etc.) incurred by the user or a third party when unable to purchase an item due to any other circumstances that exclude the above.