Figure planned to be sold one after another ! !

Planned sales of figures are as follows.


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〇 Planned to be sold in September–October


 ・ Sailor Moon


    This is a fantastic figure that dynamically shows her transformation scene.

    It is a non-movable figure.



  ・ Corazon -One Piece-   


       Although it is a non-movable figure, it has multiple parts (face, bangs, left and right wrists), so various images can be reproduced.     

        Corazon is the codename of a commander of the Don Quixote Pirates that appears in "One Piece"; to date, two people have used this codename.

        This figure is the second Corazon, Don Quixote Rocinante.




 ・  Bulma -Dragon Ball-   


         This is a costume style of her standing in the wilderness.     

         All parts are movable. In addition, because the parts for face and wrist replacement are also included, various poses are possible.     

         Bulma is the main heroine who has appeared from the first episode of Dragon Ball.

         She married Vegeta and together they had a son (Trunks) and daughter (Bra).





  ・ Robot Soldier & Muska      -LAPUTA: Castle in the Sky- 


   Robot Soldier & Muska Robot solider and Muska, descendant of Laputa Royal Family, featured in the animation movie "LAPUTA: Castle in the Sky" directed by Hayao MIYAZAKI.


     Since each part can be moved, you can recreate various situations including famous scenes of the movie.




〇 Planned to be sold in November  


   ・  Rocket Raccoon -Avengers/Infinity War-    


         This is Rocket Raccoon, a character who appears in the film Avengers/Infinity War.     

         The head and wrists can be changed, so multiple poses are possible. Rocket Raccoon is a raccoon with advanced intelligence due to gene modification.

         Despite his cute appearance, he is a mercenary with a deep knowledge of weapons and fighting and can expertly handle anything ranging from guns to fighter spaceships.