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We have three kinds of funny face packs including Kabuki face pack which designed Kabuki's Kumadori.
Please enjoy the beauty treatment with the funny face pack.
We started selling 19 types of chopsticks made in Obama City, Fukui Prefecture, famous for Wakasa-nuri(Wakasa paint).(The four types are ordered items.)
These chopsticks are high-quality chopsticks made based on traditional Wakasa-nuri(Wakasa paint) technology, but it is reasonably priced so that you can use it everyday.
We have a selection of chopsticks made with authentic Wakasa-nuri(Wakasa paint) as items to be ordered.


From "Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Crystal", the keeper of space-time door, "Sailor Pluto" appears.


With the pearl paint, not only the beauty unique to a Sailor fighter is demonstrated but also the details from flexible movements to her signature dark green long hair are truly depicted in 3D form.


It also comes with Sailor Pluto’s special weapon, “Garnet Rod (space-time stick)” and a special mount in a shape of pretty ribbon.


Scheduled to be released in February 2018

Portgas D. Ace (the captain of Shirohige Pirate Team No.2 who is also the brother in law of hero Luffy of Manga ONE PIECE) appears in the “Variable Action Heroes DX” series which is the collaboration of “Portrait.Of.Pirates(P.O.P)”series and “Variable Action Heroes” figure series.


Pinpoint (original model production) and Kenji Ando (coloring), the pair who worked on P.O.P series creates a realistic texture in detail such as clothes and accessories with precise modelling and coloring, and the product became approx. 23cm tall with tremendous impact.


Four kinds of expression parts and an effect part of flame come with it, and the mobility gimmick allows it to recreate the memorable postures from the comic. The limited addition also comes with a crying face part.


Scheduled to be released in December 2017